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The Ultimate Goal of a Coach is to Help Others Win

There are coaches for just about everything you could imagine. We used to think of a coach as someone who coaches a sports team to win the game. Winning is their ultimate goal! The ultimate goal can be the same for business and in life – to achieve a personal or professional win.

Coaches help others win by helping them to achieve more success, achieve goals, relieve stress, break through obstacles, etc. There are coaches for family support, dating and marriage, addiction, and just about everything you can imagine.

Personally I have mentored many different types of business and life coaches in diverse industries. What I’ve discovered is that they have the same goal in mind – to improve their marketing so they can get more clients and make more money.  

I’ve worked with coaches for goal achievement, career development, career transition, personal empowerment, color therapy, personal healing, weight loss, and so on. Other coaches I’ve worked with focus on specific industries and expertise such as accounting, carpet cleaning, real estate, etc.

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