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Three Steps to Defining Success

Although the definitions of success are subjective, what is most important when it comes to defining and directing the steps taken to get there is objective.

First, begin by clearly defining what we want so that we can see the final outcome. Here are three steps to directing success:

Step 1: Discover Why Success is Important to Us

To discover why success is important to us ask ourselves these important questions. Take out a piece of paper and begin to journal answers to the following questions in as much detail as possible.

  • Is success defined with professional achievements, personal happiness, and/or financial freedom?
  • How will achieving more success feel? (For example: more confident, more empowered, fearless, etc.)
  • After achieving more success, how will life be different than it is right now?

Step 2: Uncover the Drive to Move Past Obstacles

To achieve more success requires us to get more driven and persistent when challenges and obstacles get in the way. The journey is challenging as we learn, grow, and experience more. As obstacles get in the way we’re required to take full responsibility to stay on course.

What obstacles stand in the way from achieving success?

How will removing these obstacles help to move forward to achieving a higher level of success?

How can we then hold ourselves accountable for staying on course to achieving the level of success desired?

How has failure held us back in the past and what action can we take to move beyond failure going forward?

Step 3: Start by Taking the First Step

Too many people wish to start a business, but postpone the decision to do so while looking for a perfect business idea that will make millions. Often the only reason why many don’t take action on planned goals and dreams is lack of confidence in abilities. The only solution to this problem is to start. Self-confidence won’t build itself. Success is Easy only if we start.

It doesn’t matter if we know how to be successful at something or how to achieve goals. We don’t need to figure it all out before we start. Not knowing how to do something has never stopped me from starting a new business venture or for reaching success before I knew how. I simply started. I took the first step and kept on going.

I’m a strong believer that anyone can become successful at just about anything when we set our mind to it and get started. Even if we take the wrong step, readjust, step in a new direction, and start again. Consider the following questions:

What can we start doing tomorrow if we know we can’t fail?

If the lack of knowledge is not holding us back, what will we step into tomorrow?

If there is no fear or doubt holding us back, what bold action steps can we take to achieve more success?

If we are told we could not stop until we achieved our goal, what big goal would we reach for?

Remove anything else that may influence false perceptions around our own level of success. In other words, start by getting out of our own way.

Step outside of our wants and get to the results we are looking for. This is the best way for us to get the true essence of our own personal success definition. Focus on the final outcome we are trying to achieve.

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