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Today’s Inspiration

Understand that YOU where born into this world to make a difference by giving back to others in some way. When you share your gifts with the world, you begin to receive the most amazing gifts in return with a more fulfilled and enriched life.

You’ll know when this commitment of giving back feels right because you will truly be living and breathing your own legacy … Yes, LIVING your legacy … not leaving it behind when you exit the planet.

If you have ever been mentored, guided or coached by someone in any way, you understand the feeling of being supported by someone who believes in you. Maybe they even believed in you more than you believed in yourself at that time. This caused a shift in you. Your beliefs were shifted and changed forever making you a better person in some way.

A shift, no matter how small, can be a life-changing experience.

When you’ve been supported it makes you want to support others with the same type of shift. Imagine a life of giving back by lifting others up in the form of inspiration, motivation, knowledge and the commitment to do better – shifting them to a better life in some way.

Imagine being able to support others in this same magical way and passing on your own experiences.

Every positive shift in someone’s life holds energy. This same energy continues to grow and expand over and over again.

When you help others do better and believe in themselves, everyone around them does better, too. The best way to give to others is not with presents – but with your presence. That’s truly your gift!

What gifts of presence will you share with the world?

Your special gifts and talents are priceless. They come in the form of your skills, passion, vision, wisdom, enthusiasm and commitment.

Everyone has gifts to share and everyone has an expert just waiting inside of them to get out and step up to a bigger game. When you step up, the world will take notice and be there waiting to hear your words.

Words hold power! Your words alone can either tear someone down in a matter of seconds or support them for a lifetime.

Choose to make a different with your words and choose your words wisely …

  • Words of support – not jealousy!
  • Words of confidence – not insecurity!
  • Words of honesty – not lies!
  • Words of service – not manipulation!
  • Words of giving –not taking!

Share the gifts you where meant to give to the world … one person at a time, thousands upon thousands or even millions.

Step up … it’s your time to shift the world to a better place.

Today's Inspiration from Debbie Allen

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