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Trigger Enthusiasm for Every Prospect

success-online-300The key to your sales success is to raise your own energy and enthusiasm. When you do, people will automatically be attracted to you and what you have to offer. Enthusiasm and energy attract!

You have a tremendous responsibility to always be ON. Just as an actor walks onto a stage, you need to be ON every time your audience is watching you. Your customers are your audience. They always can tell if you are ON or just acting the part. Your attitude, energy, and enthusiasm play out your results. Make every effort to be ON during every moment you actually communicate with your potential customers.

So how do you get ON when you’re feeling OFF? If you find yourself in a slump, it’s a pretty good bet that you put yourself there on your own. Therefore, you can move out of that slump on your own, too.

Emotion is created in the sale by your enthusiasm for what it is you’re selling. Enthusiasm is contagious and your positive emotion will be transferred to the prospect. Selling is and always will be a conveyance of feeling. If you can get the prospect to feel the same way about your product or service as you do, they’ll buy it. Greater passion and enthusiasm lead to greater sales – it’s that simple. You express your passion and enthusiasm by the intensity of your voice, your body language and your facial expressions. Be aware of these things and use them as another tool to create more sales.

Effective selling is about creating emotion and ownership in your customer’s mind first.  

How can you create energy, enthusiasm and optimism as needed on demand? You create it by building vividly imagined, meaningful, exciting and worthwhile goals. Before going to sleep at night, line up the resources, thoughts, ideas, know-how and confidence you need. You have every reason and right to anticipate successful results.

The belief you have in your product, service, pricing and in yourself is what creates enthusiasm. The deeper your belief – the more you believe that what you have is the very best – the greater and more genuine your enthusiasm. When you present yourself as relaxed, energetic and confident, your prospects feel that security too. It enhances trust and makes decision making comfortable.

Motivate yourself to ACTION. Get moving and find something to get excited about every day. Motivation is really self-motivation. So get motivated! What motivates you? Are you motivated by reading self-help books, attending a great seminar, or simply by calling a friend or family member who brings you back to reality?

Make Optimism a Habit. Optimism is massively misunderstood. Most people believe incorrectly that being optimistic means always feeling cheerful, happy and “positive,” never acknowledging adversity, problems or setbacks. This sets an impossible standard. Certainly, no human can go through life having only positive experiences; no salesperson can go through life without experiencing setbacks.

Why develop optimism as a habit? Negative habits of blaming for undesirable experiences or outcomes can actually make you physically sick. Pessimistic feelings or a poor me attitude create the same ill behavior. On the other hand, when you develop the habit of optimistic thoughts and responses, you might not only enhance your emotional well-being, you might also enhance your physical health.

If you don’t enjoy dealing with people and helping them discover solutions to their problems, then selling is not for you. Your attitude determines your outcome every day in sales.

Create “I CAN DO IT” optimism habits. You can be inspired and motivated to seek new opportunities, correct your course and rise above any sales frustration. You make this choice. No one makes it for you. Follow these four steps to develop optimistic habits.

Four Steps to Developing Optimistic Habits

  1. Care about something passionately and make it part of your everyday life. What inspires you, motivates you and makes you happiest?
  2. Get excited about what you are selling and share with sincere enthusiasm. Feel the joy and the difference you make by offering value to your customers.
  3. Enjoy life to the max and create a life balance that brings you peace and tranquility. Relieve stress by spending time in nature or through daily meditation.
  4. See life as a kid would see it. Keep learning, growing and enjoying.

Enthusiasm can give you the energy you need to take action. It motivates everyone around you – your team, your organization, your customers and your business associates. Enthusiasm can carry you far beyond any talent or skill you may be lacking because enthusiasm is contagious. It shows that you are excited and open to learning more. It is a sincere positive attitude flowing out of you. Others naturally gravitate to this kind of energy.

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