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Uncomfortable? Take Action in Spite of It

The majority of us are creatures of habit, especially when habits have been programmed into our brains for years. In fact, some of us are so conditioned against asking that we are completely closed-minded to it.

About 95 percent of what we think and do is habitual. It takes time to form new beliefs and to act upon new habits. Programming and conditioning in our past does not necessarily serve us well today or in the future. Every belief that we have will either move us forward or keep us stuck in the same place. Beliefs and thoughts can empower us or dis-empower us. Thoughts and beliefs are not real unless we give them power.

Once we know better—we do better. Consciousness is observing our thoughts and actions so that we can live from true choices in the present moment, rather than from our past programming.

Asking is a very important self-survival tool

If you are going to give your thoughts and beliefs power, why not empower yourself with only positive beliefs that support your success at a much higher level?

Having the ability to ask for what you want brings the world to your doorstep. Some people are really excellent at asking and getting what they want because they believe that they can. Others see these people as extremely lucky. However, luck has very little to do with knowing what you want, and everything to do with asking for it in the proper way.

You must be willing to ask for what you want; be it asking a prospect to buy from you, asking a client to give you a referral or asking someone to bring you in to speak to their organization, etc. Whatever it is you want, start by asking with the belief and expectation that you will receive it. Never stop asking!

“To receive something that you want, you have to ask for it. Period! The power is in the asking, and in the expectation that you will receive it.”  – Debbie Allen

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