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Visualize Your Arrival

When you visualize, it’s like you “magnetize and move” yourself to the ways and means involved in getting there. Solutions begin to appear and answers come to you much easier. But you must be able to tolerate obstacles, confusion and even a bit of chaos as you shift. Don’t hold on to problems or challenges along the way. Move past roadblocks, stay committed to your passion and enjoy the journey. 

You’ll make some mistakes along the way but those “mistakes” are simply required lessons in the process of making a profound shift.

Keep in mind that your “mistakes” must be profound enough to be able to share and create an impact on the lives of others. They are your lessons to learn and share with the world.

You can’t hold up in a safe zone of behavior where you have beaten the odds of failing.

You must be willing to encounter defeat and be open to running into problems or you will never have the opportunity to test the limits of what you truly are capable of accomplishing. Again, if you are experiencing no difficulties, problems or pain, you have probably aimed too low. You’ve leveled off in your growth and achievement. You are limiting your potential. Think of your “mistakes” as a positive sign – lessons in disguise. They are simply a temporary loss of momentum that occurs in the process of shifting gears.

Failure doesn’t mean you are defeated – struggle actually gives you strength! Don’t interpret problems as proof that you should quit or stay stuck. Take them as evidence of your growth and improvement instead.

Forget the idea that you should be able to see, tangibly and in full view, all of the resources necessary to leverage your shift dramatically. You can’t achieve your full potential though your own singular struggle or shift. Don’t do it all alone. Your own power is actually based upon the support of others – other experts. You will begin to pay attention to others’ ideas when you need them. When they appear – be open and coach-able. These unforeseen resources can make amazing contributions in your efforts.

Often, resources and opportunities come to you as unseen forces through your subconscious mind, intuition and even luck. Inspiration can appear at any time. A creative solution to a problem may come to you from this book. A breakthrough idea can flash through your mind at any time. Somehow, the resources and opportunities you need will just seem to appear by coincidence. When this happens, paint a picture in your mind so that you become even clearer on what you want and how you’ll make an impact.

Shifts come easy when you plug into these remarkable resources. When you focus constantly on a clear picture of what you want to accomplish and move toward it confidently, the unforeseen forces will rally to your support.

Shifts happen when you seek a solution that serves both you and others. Overall, it requires less energy and emotions and becomes less demanding. Yet shifting requires you to violate the boundary of the probable. It means achieving well beyond the obvious or the conventional.

Don’t limit yourself on what you have – start going after what you want.

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