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Visualizing Your Success

Do you clearly see your BIG vision and in great detail?

If the end result appears unclear to you in any way, then you might struggle to turn your vision into reality without more clarity. This is where visualization comes into play. Visualization is simply a technique for creating a strong mental image of your future. When you visualize your desired outcome, you begin to “see” the possibility of achieving it. Through visualization, you can catch a glimpse of your desired future. When this happens, you become motivated and prepared to pursue your goal.

Visualization is not a “think it and make it happen” gimmick, nor does it involve dreaming or hoping for a better future. Rather, visualization is a well-developed method of performance improvement supported and used by highly successful people. Visualization will help you apply the right mindset, persistence and action steps that are critical to succeed and excel in business and in life.

The reason why people still fail to achieve their vision and goals is because they don’t spend enough time defining what their own “success” really looks like. They start out working blindly toward their vision with an unclear path to follow. Once the path becomes unclear or unfocused, most give up, or stop taking consistent action toward their goals.

Action is required to turn your vision into a reality. You must feel passionate enough about your vision to justify the countless hours of consistent and BOLD action that it will take to accomplish your goals.

A BIG Vision can’t fully be seen by playing small or settling for less than you are capable.

Debbie Allen

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