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What is Holding You Back from Shift You Deserve?

Your mindset, for the moment, may be blinded by doubt or skepticism. The idea of making a shift in your business, jumping from the present level of achievement to one several stages higher is one bold move. It may feel a bit far-fetched to you now, but that may only be because you haven’t been trained to think that way. You may currently believe that you can’t make much improvement at all…much less a quantum shift. Sadly, most people only achieve about 10 percent of their true potential.

False beliefs are easy to carry around in your mind and are self-imposed limitations. Beliefs can put a ceiling on how far you reach and fly. Your real limits are far beyond your mental boundaries.

If you have doubts they are not the product of accurate thinking and beliefs–they are simply your habitual thinking. Something may have happened in your past that makes you hold on to this false belief. This may also cause you to take fewer risks.

People who take risks create bold experiences that cause them to create impact-full breakthroughs in their lives.

If you feel it’s time for you to make a bold move and/or find a new path, my newest book will speak to you with many voices. Listen to the stories of those who were bold enough to change and make a dramatic shift in their own lives.

Put away any limiting beliefs and ideas and start going for it! What you want becomes the driving force that shifts you to action.

Place your trust in action! Living a life of passion means you must leave your comfort zone (your safety net) behind. It only keeps you from growing and expanding.

The way to move past “limiters” is to give up some of your old beliefs, patterns and ideas by sacrificing some “safe” and “sensible” thinking patterns. Become open to new ideas, new ways of doing things–think and act way outside of the box.

Passion fires your soul and fills your spirit. It energizes your heart and mind, allowing you to perform at much higher levels of success.

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