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What to Charge for a Client VIP Day?

Your time is worth money - Courtesy of Pixabay

Your time is worth money – Courtesy of Pixabay

Your first level price point could be anywhere from $997 to $9,997 for virtual VIP days and higher for on-site programs. Face-to-face VIP days can range anywhere from $4,997 to $25,000 per day for highly paid experts. Normally these are full-day programs done at your location. If the client requests that you to be at their location, your fees are higher, plus your client pays all travel related expenses.

Now, you may be thinking: My clients won’t pay that, or, I have no list to get started. No worries! All you need to do to set up your VIP days is a breakdown of what your program will offer. Build value around offering more of your personal time. For example, you can include a pre-program questionnaire and a preview call to help your client get ready for their VIP day. Your program may also include a 30- to 60-day email follow up before and/or after your VIP day, in order to clarify key points. This guarantees success for both the client and the expert.

When you have an expert program that offers solutions, people will begin paying for your time right away. When you can take someone farther and faster to see immediate results, they will pay even more for your valuable time.

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