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Why Most Websites Don't Work

broken-websiteThe reason why most websites don’t work effectively is because they have disjointed messages and/or too much information that confuses the viewer. You must remain consistent with your message and expertise throughout your website. Often it’s much easier to create a new website than to modify an existing bad website. This way, the site is completely aligned from the home page and navigates effectively to each additional page.

Think about your website as an easy-to-navigate path where you take viewers on a journey through your expertise, background, services, products, testimonials, credibility and more. There are no obstacles along the path, there are no confusing messages that send viewers in the wrong direction, just a simple and easy to follow straightforward path. Nothing is disjointed or unclear; everything leads your viewer to exactly where you want them to go and to taking the action you want them to take.

Putting together a clearly defined website is a skill from start to finish, and that’s why having the right team to build it is critical to your online success. It’s well worth the time and effort to develop a dynamic website because all of your online opportunities will flow there. Your credibility and expertise are at stake if you don’t have a great website that effectively markets you and your organization. If you are not getting the right clients or making the amount of money you deserve, I guarantee there is something going on with your website that is blocking your opportunities.

The first thing viewers are going to see when they check you out online is your website. Viewing prospects will take note of your marketing messages to see what makes you unique from other experts in your industry. They will notice your logo, images, video, call to action, everything. They will make a quick decision based upon whether they want to read on, watch more videos, take action, or simply click away.

Today you can’t just put your website up and forget it; your website needs to remain a work in progress. It takes constant tweaking, adjusting, editing and additions. Your website will never be complete. In fact, in today’s market you’ll need more than just one website. Experts require more than one website to get noticed online. Consider having your main corporate site, landing page(s), event website, blog, etc. Never stop improving your websites and updating your expert image online.

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