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Write Your Book Fast!

There is no such thing as writer’s block! The only reason you should get stuck writing your book is not knowing which direction to go. A system, plan or layout will help you visualize and gain focus so you have a clear direction. So before you start writing, create your book layout by doing a brainstorming session. I call this my Brand-Storm Book Writing System.

Let’s try out the first part of this system right now. You’ll need a very large piece of paper, poster or a flip chart to make this work. Be sure to make your circles large enough that you can write inside of them. Begin by drawing one large circle in the middle of the page. This is where you will write the title of your book. Leave plenty of room around the big circle to add more. Next, create one longer circle right below the large circle. This is where your subtitle will go. Next add 10 smaller circles around the outside of the large circle and the one below it. This is where you will add your chapter titles. Below the chapter title circles, add additional circles for the sub-chapters. Use this diagram as your guide.

Your title is extremely important. It is part of the overall impression you’re creating about your book. Your book title will set a tone and create a promise that the book can deliver. But don’t get so hung up on trying to figure out the perfect title just yet – that’s what your Brand-Storming session is for. Your subtitle should be a strong benefit-rich statement that describes what the reader will learn from your book. For example, the subtitle of my sixth book is Turn Your Passion, Skills, and Talents into a Lucrative Career by Becoming the Go-To Authority in Your Industry. In each of the other smaller circles all around the one main circle, write out your chapter titles. You’ll need to Brand-Storm these chapter ideas as you go along. Create at least 10 circles, or 10 chapters, that work around the concept of your title and subtitle.

As you see your title, subtitle and chapter titles come together, keep Brand-Storming to add more. You’ll want to come up with sub-chapter ideas for each one of your chapter titles. Add smaller circles below each chapter for you sub-chapter titles. To come up with good sub-chapter titles, you’ll want to consider all of the things you’ll be writing about in each chapter. This allows you to chunk down your book into topics and ideas so that it’s not such an overwhelming project. For example, in the chapter Become the Authority by Writing a Book, there are sub-chapter topics: Your book will open up many doors, develop a system to get your book published fast, and so on. Each chapter is broken down into chunks of information or ideas. Keep brainstorming until you have filled out the entire page. You’ll begin to see how the title, subtitle, chapters and sub-chapters all start coming together to create an overall flow for your book.

If you aren’t good at coming up with catchy titles and putting together a step-by-step marketing plan for your book, you may want to consider working with an expert who can help you get it done fast. My clients will use my virtual VIP days to get a project like this knocked out in half a day, including a marketing plan for their book. Once your Brand-Storm Book Writing System is in place you should easily be able to start writing the book section-by-section. Of course, you’ll need to tweak and adjust your chapter titles and sub-chapter titles as you go, but it’s a great jump start to the overall book writing process.

Your Brand-Storm Book Writing System should include:

  • Working book title
  • Benefit-rich subtitle that tells what the book is about
  • Chapter titles and sub-chapter title ideas
  • Rough draft or overview of the entire book
  • Detailed layout completed before first book draft
  • Notes from your chapter ideas and research
  • Marketing plan to get the word out about the book well in advance of completion
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